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8th September 2014, 23:08
Hi Guys,

I've been playing for the last several hours on the server with no issues. Suddenly the server signal is extremely weak and I can no longer log in to the server without connection time outs. Is this a server-side issue that we know of?


8th September 2014, 23:34
I had the same issue, was able to log in just now but things are still running pretty erratically. Seems like the server just needs a reset. Website is fairly slow right now too for some reason.

(Edit: this is the TFC server in case that wasn't clear)

8th September 2014, 23:46
Thanks for taking the time to report this. Several of us have had connectivity issues over the past few hours, you're not alone ;) For the most part the trouble seems to have cleared up which is good news. Administration will be able to take a look into the problem later and hopefully find what happened/how to fix it. Hold Tight :)

9th September 2014, 00:04
I can still log in, but having serious connection issues and losing connection frequently. Checked and not having those issues on other servers at the moment. Also having the same issue with the forum being very slow to respond, too.


:edit: herp. Jiro's post wasn't there yet when I first came to the thread, decided to test myself on other servers and forums before posting, and didn't refresh.

:edit 2.0: whatever was wrong earlier seems to have been resolved shortly after, was on for the last hour and the server seemed fine.

9th September 2014, 03:07
Right about the time that Select posted saying he was able to get back on I was as well. Unfortunately I have not been able to hold a connection for longer than 5 seconds again for the last hour or so though :/ *sad face*

It worked for a short time but it's back to being icky for me.

9th September 2014, 07:43
Oh, that's why you guys started logging in and out yesterday :( I was thinking what is happening o_O.
I had no such issues, but went to sleep about in an hour after it started.