View Full Version : Fred's Riddle Temple now avaliable on creative map :)

11th September 2014, 23:37
Hello all!
I recently finished my riddle temple that is located in the temple close to creative spawn. If you get to finish it, you will know the most intreaguing secreds on the secret board.

warning, it rapidly gets hard as hell :D

please say if you done it and post a screen of the secret room.

warning, the secrets might be a bit too implicite.

the last riddle is the most difficult, and this is where I expect the most people to fail >:D

12th September 2014, 03:20
I tried your temple, and it's pretty cool. I'm not sure if there is a problem with the redstone to the exit out of the lava room or I just suck xD, but it seems to stay closed the whole time, even when I activate the plates.

12th September 2014, 04:30
Same, I had all the lights on in the lava room and nothing. I assumed this was intended, that I was missing something, but if so, I never figured out what.

12th September 2014, 07:12
you forgot too seek the secret opened door ;)

12th September 2014, 07:41
you forgot too seek the secret opened door ;)

I don't want to say too much to give away locations, but there is a piston thats supposed to open up ( I know where it is) The only problem is that its not opening even with all the lights activated.


12th September 2014, 09:07
Maybe you're not supposed to turn on all the lights. Did you try all the combinations yet?

12th September 2014, 11:47
Well there's your problem! (I mean the piston, not Jiro)


The piston wasn't retracting because the redstone dust on the block above (powering the block it was on) was causing it to become a BUD switch. I switched out the redstone dust with a repeater, and that's fixed it. I had to remove the redstone lamp too, though.

12th September 2014, 19:06
Well now it's possible, never heard of bud switches tho...

13th September 2014, 00:51
Well, i see that the the lava exit was fixed, but now this one isn't working either xD, or I'm just not doing right, but I'm pressing the button :\

You should test it out yourself and see if there's anything else


13th September 2014, 01:25
That room requires [SPOILERS. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE] from what I figured when myself and Jiro went through the temple. Maybe it's meant to be on a timer?

13th September 2014, 07:14
Well, I finally figured it out, my mind was thinking too hard about it, but it was pretty difficult still.


13th September 2014, 08:03
pern... no spoilers.this brick room can be dona alone but you need to be fast.

congrats legendary ;)

20th September 2014, 22:24
I finally finish the temple, That temple is easy for me to finger it out but the hardest part is getting throught it,
but it is fun :)