View Full Version : To the towns of Bacon, The_Igloo, Brightlake, Flump, Shaleland, Hammerfall, AshMacKee

18th September 2014, 20:49
And to other towns who own showcase plots W, NW, N from the spawn - could you please consider exchanging your showcase plots with Llamafarm one, which is at SE from spawn?
I am ready to perform any movement or demolition works (with materials returning to you).
I understand that your plots are very valuable. Just maybe U dont have plans for them. Just in case.

The reason:

I, by authority of Commiellama2, plan to finish the road Llamafarm - Hobbiton - Spawn, with possible future prolongation to Horseridge with all its Imperial road network. The road comes to Spawn from NW, and unfortunately the Llamafarm's plot is SE. He doesnt need the old building there, so agreed to exchange.
So we need a plot somewhere close to the NW corner (the closer, the less space the road's detour would take.
There probably will be some arch on the plot, some free food, and invitations to visit all the towns by the road.

Thank you for your time.

19th September 2014, 05:12
I don't think you're going to get a response from any of the towns. Many of the owners of the listed towns haven't played for a month or more. You can always check the mayor with [/t townname] then use [/res playername] to find out when they were last online. Sometimes old players pop on from time to time, but the towns listed don't have active forum members, so I suggest asking them in game via mail or something along those lines so if they happen to pop on for a visit they'll be able to see your request.

19th September 2014, 10:58
Thank you for the explanations, Jiro! I didn't want to start with the mail first, because the amount of people (mayors, then associates, then just members) is tremendous. And because the in-game mail can have only 1 line (right?), so an attractive exhausting offer is impossible. Anyway your exclusive practical information helps a lot, and mail is the only way :) Will start asap ...

20th September 2014, 03:39
Ok, if anyone will ever read this :))) we found a good solution, so no actions are needed any more, thanks.