View Full Version : To the members of town hobbiton or nation Eriador

18th September 2014, 20:52
Could you please remove some fallen dirt at -309:7707 by the road Spawn-Hobbiton-Llamafarm?
And also could you please put torches along the road?

19th September 2014, 05:15
This is the same issue as the last thread of yours I replied to :P Referenced below.

I know the owner and assistant of Hobitton pretty well, and they both haven't been on for quite some time. They definitely won't check the forums if they're not online in game. You'd be better off sending mail to them, they were good about checking mail when they were active. As I understand it, the other members of the town are also fairly inactive. Asking folks of the nation to fulfill that request only works if the town has ally permissions set to on, which I know they don't have on.

Reference: http://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?1603-To-the-towns-of-Bacon-The_Igloo-Brightlake-Flump-Shaleland-Hammerfall-AshMacKee&p=9498#post9498

19th September 2014, 11:30
Thank you again, Jiro! In this case mailing is easier, so will do even more asap. I sincerely appreciate the experience information you share and your support.