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22nd September 2014, 20:07
So me and reactivebuilder have been thinking about a server event. So one of these weekends we should make a war between the nations. During that weekend you must pay 500 Smileys to be neutral instead of 10 (Only that weekend). You may only use 1 TNT block to destroy the wall to get in, all towns that participate will have to switch their PVP on for the weekend, NO jet packs allowed and also griefing insn't allowed (except for that 1 TNT) . The last king standing alive has the winning town/nation. Of course its up the the Staff to decide if this is a good idea or a terrible! Its just to have some fun on the server.

22nd September 2014, 20:26
I don't see a war like this holding merit to the server. Towny war is a server wide event and any nations no matter how big or small would be affected. This would allow permanent greifing/theft as well as mass killing and shenanigans.

Towny war from wiki

Towny WarThere are two distinct towny war modes. They are both receiving updates.
/ta toggle war (Event War)Towny war is activated by a server admin using /townyadmin toggle war, there is a 30 second countdown and then War begins.
Using_economy must be set to true in the config.yml for an event war to begin.
During war Nations fight each other. Towns without a nation are not included, cannot score points and cannot have their townblocks griefed.
Nations can also pay a daily Neutrality cost to avoid taking part in a war. The cost of neutrality is set in the config.yml (https://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/wiki/DefaultConfig) using price_nation_neutrality: 100.0. In this example, a nation would pay 100 dollars from its nationbank each 'Towny Day'.
While war is in effect, each competing town has a health points property attached to it. Normal townblocks have an HP of 60 while Home Blocks have 120 points by default. This can be changed in the config. A townblock loses HP by enemy-nation residents standing within the townblock. When a townblock has lost all HP and fallen the town which the attacker belongs to gains one townblock and points to their War Score. A Town can be knocked out of a war when their Home Block falls or if their Mayor is killed. A Nation can be knocked out of a war if its capital city is knocked out of the war, or if the King is killed.
Points in war given for the following:

A enemy killed: 1
A townblock stolen: 1
A town knocked out of the war: 10
A nation knocked out of the war: 100

Towny war ends when there is only one nation who's Home Block has not been conquered or when the admin toggles war off. Although the townblocks are restored at the end of war, the damage from any griefing is permanent.

I can definitely tell you I don't agree with proceeding forward with something like this. Having a non towny "war" such as one agreed upon by both parties would likely be okay. There would have to be explicit documentation approved by staff for all parties involved. Not just towns, ALL players of each town would have to validate their participation in such an event.
PVP aspect has always been okay on the server so long as both parties agree with written consent. An added griefing aspect would require more thought, and I'm not convinced it would be a good idea. If this is just for fun, it should simply be pvp between towns.

23rd September 2014, 09:25
I've just looked through the config file for towny and in the war settings block griefing can be disabled, as well as what blocks you want to disable the modification of inside of warzones, such as chests, furnaces, tnt, etc. I can't really account for the mass killings or the loss of inventory and shenanigans that would result, unless keeping your inventory was turned on, which seems to ruin it somehow. I'm not really comfortable with the no jetpack rule since I don't have any land in medina or plans for any really. Since we're allies, maybe you could handle the earthbound front, and I the spawn front?

As for a non-towny war, with my house's guard my own subjects aren't safe in my town. Feel free to consider my town a pvp zone, though for me its not the time for a server war. That comes later.

Damn, don't you ninja me again ;)

23rd September 2014, 09:26
I agree with Jiro. Pvp should just say between towns. A server event like this would be mayhem.

23rd September 2014, 10:09
PVP is always enabled on the Snapshot server. Also there aren't any pesky protection plugins running and the only rule is to watch your language. So if you're looking for chaos you can find it there :)

23rd September 2014, 15:31
Guys war on snapshot server, friday night at 6pm UK time.

Teams of two.

Cause as musch destruction as you wish! (The server resets anyways!)

No saying 'I cant make it beacuse...'

23rd September 2014, 18:04
I seriously can't make it, anyways. Id just spawn a giant lava ball on you all http://happydiggers.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=1104&stc=1

23rd September 2014, 18:26
I will make the spawn a lava lake before the competition starts, so when everyone joins they will all die in less than 30s ;). Ez win ez prize. And what is the prize for this competition anyway? :P

23rd September 2014, 19:25
Here is a list of rewards :

-War Dog (kill 1 player)
-War Fighter (kill 10 players)
-War Lord (kill 25 players)

-Wand (win 1 war)
-Lightning rod (win 5 wars)
-Boom stick (win 10 wars)

23rd September 2014, 20:26
ethe334 the war lord boom stick

I can picture it already

23rd September 2014, 20:44
Um boya xD, when is there ever going to be 25 enemies when the server holds 30?

23rd September 2014, 20:48
The prizes would be:
1st town place: 50.000 Smileys
2nd town place: 25.000 Smileys
3rd town place: 10.000 Smileys

The rules are: Griefing isin't allowed, PVP will be allowed in every town that joins the war and NO jetpacks to go over the wall (if you have one ;))

24th September 2014, 14:58
Still the titles would be cool and also the weapons

24th September 2014, 15:55
Honestly. I don't see this happening. If your on snapshot, I don't see how you will get all of these weapons.
On towny, I estimate about 3 towns joining in. I'm sorry, but these events hardly work. Everyone's too busy nowadays.