View Full Version : Server eating items?

24th September 2014, 07:58
Unfortunately i fell into a chasm and died. not an uncommon thing to deal with, but within 3 minutes of returning to my death site (Zan's Minimap ftw). all my items (Steel pick, propick, axe, mace, shovel and scythe and a full set of bronze armor) was gone. my question here is if i have a chance to recover these items somehow? or just suck it up and soldier on with the loss?


24th September 2014, 20:39
Did you re-log after you died? When you die on the TerraFirmaCraft server you have to re-log for items to correctly register in your inventory. If you don't they can appear invisible at times, and if you wait too long the game will think you really don't have those items and they will be lost.