View Full Version : :) Request: schist sand is impossible, could you please create a desert of it?

1st October 2014, 18:48
Hello, I've got another request :)

After searching for schist sand for a few hours, I searched TFC forums and found that it is impossible in b78:
There will always be gabbro sand on schist regions.
Same with several other sands: slate, phyllite, gneiss, marble.

Schist sand is an interesting building material, since it's close to grass, greenish.

Could you please make an artificial schist desert somewhere in an uninhabited region of the world? (Or under ocean). So the person who is crazy for this sand would have to pay travelling like N*10k blocks to get it? :)

1st October 2014, 19:54
Similar to unobtainable saplings for certain trees, there will also be bugged out unobtainable items like certain berry bushes, sulfur, and the sand that you're looking to get. In the past the items that are unobtainable for one reason or another haven't been added to keep with the legitimate TFC experience. This is just the nature of the TerraFirmaCraft mod with its many bugs and troubles. An admin may decide to add in the item at their convenience, but that requires a fair amount of work other than just throwing it around randomly.

1st October 2014, 21:55
It's not like they gave us a "generate the really good stuff we've been keeping from players on purpose" command you know :)

We could potentially change one block type into another using world edit. But then again, we might just ending up corrupting the world because TFC doesn't like the block type in large amounts. There's no way of knowing unless we try. And I for one don't feel like having to replace large parts of the map again because TFC bugged out. So sorry, but no. I'm not going to build a desert of potentially buggy blocks.

1st October 2014, 22:05
maybe I could make a plugin where you place a magic block and it replaces the block type that is touching into his own type(until every block in loaded chunks and that were together have been relaced) should be pretty easy. in this way, there is less chance of corruption since it is not a save edit and mcpc+ knows the metadata and stuff :)
I'll look into tfc code too to see if there isn't another modifier. in this case i'll do like the offline tp plugin, an ingame save file editor.

1st October 2014, 23:15
Oh well, worth a try :) It was interesting to see the problem from admin's point of view, didn't think of potential danger of big amount of buggy blocks. And I still have dirt and stone :)