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10th October 2014, 15:23
We're thinking about what we're going to do with the new HappyDiggers TFC b79 server in regards to the use of teleport commands. Please choose which option has your preference.

One idea we have, and that currently has my personal preference, is that towns first have to build Thor's Hammer. It's a stone pillar made of somewhat expensive materials which will give a town access to the teleport network. Town members can then teleport to their own and to other towns that also have a Thor's Hammer and gain access to the use of /home commands.

A Thor's Hammer is a monolith/pillar kind of structure. It's exact composition has to yet to be determined. It won't be free, but it won't be end-game stuff either. I'm aiming for something that a starting town should be able to produce in a few days. The idea is to keep people who just join the server to wreak havoc out of your town and it gives players another goal to reach.


10th October 2014, 16:59
Thor's hammer baby, travel in style!

10th October 2014, 17:08
OK, for command overrides, i cannot make a plugin that overrides commands (in my knowledge), but i can easely modify any comand af any plugin and make two plugins work in symbiosis.

as for the structure i thaught you use a 3x3 base with a chest in the middle for upgrade gems, and arround use stone material. if you use fire brick it gives x2 multiplier (if the structure is completely made out of it) it will then be upgraded with a pyramid like shape (image below is a tier 0 tp station)

and then you would need to upgrade it up to level
(minimum of the max tier, can be blue steel too, all blocks are firebricks and the inside is hollow, so perfect for charcoal pits :) )
(with some deoration)

these are design samples, just to show a sample, give your opinion :)

i posted this on the tfc thread, but it may be usefull here too ;)

10th October 2014, 21:26
I'd go for the only home and allies idea AND the cool down at the same time (a shorter cool down though) to encourage the alliances and at the same time realistic trading between towns and actual traveling.
What i wouldn't do is make players create a red steel blocks structure....

13th October 2014, 04:21
I like the Thor's Hammer idea but agree it shouldn't be super expensive to build. Maybe the key component would require a high bronze or low iron metal and a flawless gem.

13th October 2014, 07:17
the structure was only an example, the final desing will only use stone and protection meters

13th October 2014, 10:17
This is the design we came up with for the teleport platform:


The outer ring can be made of any type of brick.
The second ring can be made of any type of smooth block.
The third ring can be made of any type of raw rock.
The center block is a protection meter.
The pillar is 4 blocks of any kind of smooth block with a second protection meter on top.

If you build this structure inside of your town you can register it as an HappyDiggers Teleporter with the following command:

/hdtp register

Only one platform will function in a town.
All the members of that town will gain access to the use of the teleport command. In order to use it you must stand on the platform and use:

/hdtp TownName

Where TownName is the name of the town you wish to teleport to. You can only teleport to towns that also have build a platform. In order to find out which towns have one you can use:

/hdtp list

This should solve a number of issues people had:

If you don't want people randomly visiting your town you can either choose to not build the platform, or place it inside a building with a closed door on it.
The platform will check to see that there are 4 air blocks above it so the platform can't be turned into a death trap.
It will still keep free/unlimited teleportation available to anyone who wants it.

That only leaves the use of the /sethome and /home commands. But I think we can leave them as they are with this new teleport mechanism in place. Alternatively we could only make them available when a town has build a teleport platform.

15th October 2014, 08:45
I think this is good topic for my idea.

What if we add NPC to each outpost that will tranfer you to other outposts for some payment? For example, for 1 copper ingot. So if player wats to travel somewhere far, he or she has to walk to outpost and pay to get fast to other outpost. Many games use fast travels. For more realysm we can build small stable by each outpost so it will look like a stableman will guide you to other outpost.

If there will be far outposts, we can split otposts to region groups so it will cost 1 copper ingot to travel in the same group outposts and 1 gold ingot to other group outposts. Or select 1 main outpost in each region group and player can fast travel only between the same group outposts from any outpost of this group and travel between groups from big outposts like Babylon or East Garden outpost.

What do you think?

15th October 2014, 09:22
Sounds like a good idea :)

I'm not sure how we'd implement it yet though. Perhaps we could use Citizens to do this. Dom, any ideas on how to do this?

19th October 2014, 09:48
So what about teleporting system?

27th December 2014, 20:12
The plugin/mod idea didn't pan out. So for now we'll keep things the same on the new b79 server.

Thanks for the input guys. Maybe we'll be able to implement it in the future.