View Full Version : TFC b78 world download?

14th October 2014, 17:17
Will it be possible to somehow download the TFC b78 world after the final server reset to b79?
With purpose to have it as a local world in my local game and visit places in it.
Some places are so awesome to get inspiration and learn.
Well, at least for me. And I had very little time on the server to visit them enough times.

I hope I'm not alone in this request.

If yes - what is its file size?
And any advice for easy reaching towns without all server plugins installed?
The only way I can imagine is to have some Towny town list file (with coords) available for download too,
better with town outposts (some outposts are great),
then manually found each town/outpost coords in there (if it is plot coords - multiply to 16) and tp there in creative mode.
Or I should write down coords of all such places asap? :)

14th October 2014, 19:26
Compressed the backups are about 35GB nowadays. Extracted the world is about 50GB.

Without plugins you will have to use some other form of teleportation or just run your own local server and plugins. But without the Towny database and/or Dynmap you will never be able to locate towns in the world unless you remember where they are now. Currently there are over 1200 towns on the server.

It may seem like a great idea to download the world, but in practice it's not very useful unless you have the complete server.

14th October 2014, 21:22
With some client supporting restoration of the download, e.g. a torrent one or any of your preference, I could download 35G in several days.
So if it is easy for you to organize this, I will be happy. I totally dont want to waste your time on this, especially if noone else is interested.

Since I plan to go only to the places I already know, about 30, it is easy for me to just write their coords down while the b78 server is still active. And then make the world creative somehow and /tp to them.
And therefore there's no need to ask you to give also Towny database, unless more people would join to the request. Also the database most likely contain user names, which are confidential.

Please tell your decision so if it is positive I could start preparing.

P.S. Also, what if some builders would object against free copying of the world with their builds outside of HD? Could it be a problem?

14th October 2014, 23:04
P.S. Also, what if some builders would object against free copying of the world with their builds outside of HD? Could it be a problem?

It would be appropriate to ask people for permission to use their builds if they are unique enough. However, InsaneJ owns the server and therefore all builds, items , etc also belong to him. I know that sounds like a lawyered explanation but it is true nonetheless. Having J's consent should be enough if he does decide to release the world save.

25th October 2014, 17:00
i would be interested assuming i could download the towny database as well

25th October 2014, 23:02
Sorry but no. I'm not going to upload it through torrent and wait several weeks for you guys to complete the download.

Also as far as permissions for copying someone else's work goes. This is what I think should happen.

Ask the builder for permission.
The builder gives permission.

Asking for permission is nothing more then a formality and to show appreciation for someone's work. Note that the builder may not deny permission in any way since it's my server and my data to begin with. If people want to build stuff and keep it for themselves they can play single player and do YouTube videos or whatever.

If you can't reach the builder of the work you wish to copy in a timely manner, say one week, then go ahead and copy all you like. Please use on-server in-game e-mail to ask for permission so you don't have to be online at the same time as the builder.