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6th November 2014, 01:53
hey guys im sure u all remember me from the tfc server and i havent been playing for a long while and i just went on one day because i missed everyone and no one was on besides me. i found out that there was a 1.7 server for tfc but i couldnt go on because my game would crash. so i was wondering if u guys could plz come back to the good ol tfc server. plz come on and i will see u on there. thx

6th November 2014, 02:04
We've been working on the new B79 TFC server for some time now. Hopefully it will be ready to open soon. You are right that the current B78 TFC server has been fairly empty, but people still play it, you just miss them. More people play the HappyDiggers MC server right now than the current TFC. You're always welcome to apply with a builders application for the new TFC server to help get it ready as well.

6th November 2014, 02:10
i wish i could come on but my 1.7.10 forge always crashes no matter what mods are installed. is there any other mod thing i can use?

6th November 2014, 02:12
no one was on on the mc server when i checked.:(

6th November 2014, 02:15
As far as I know there's not a substitute for forge. Install the latest 1.7.10 forge HERE (http://files.minecraftforge.net/).

Also try and keep Java around the 7.71 updates. Java 8 works but has some compatibility issues from what I've observed.

6th November 2014, 02:32
Thanks it worked!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D