View Full Version : Shears in MC server Bugged?

7th November 2014, 20:47
I know this is kind of a random thing to report. But when I use shears on wool, the shears do not use endurance, and when I use any other item on wool, they do. But when I use shears on vines and leaves it does take endurance. I know it's nothing to major but might as well report it.

7th November 2014, 22:09
Shears didn't use up durability when 'harvesting' wool when I still played vanilla mc, so I guess that hasn't changed yet?

7th November 2014, 23:38
Quote from 1.8 Pre1 Changelog (On Minecraft Wiki):

Breaking wool blocks with shears now reduces their durability. In previous versions shears only took durability damage when they destroyed or broke tall grass or leaves, the damage remaining the same for all other blocks

HappyDiggers MC is currently using 1.7.10 (as that is the latest spigot version currently available), so shears shouldn't be taking durability from breaking wool anyway. :)