View Full Version : Spud Gunn made a nice video, started on TFC server.

3rd January 2015, 21:01
Many players on the server were talking about a Spud Gunn person. It appears he made a nice video, hopefully a series start, about starting playing on the new HD TFC server, check it out. I liked it, gives an inside look. (And not because my NPC got on camera! :-P ) He even got the infamous timeout :)))

4th January 2015, 06:09
I saw folks chatting with him when I was on my way to the coast ;) 2 days later and his town is huge! Haha, sounds like a cool guy. Will have to check out his videos and say hi sometime when he's online.

4th January 2015, 12:23
Here's the video he made:


4th January 2015, 12:31
Oops, I can't even remember why I finally gave the link to the channel, not the video :))) I vaguely remember I disliked the random letters and digits in the link ... Should game a bit less :)))
The worst thing is to switch from Assassin Creed to MC building - trying to press Space+Right Mouse Button when trying to run in MC. And stupidly watching how my char jumps and places blocks :)))