View Full Version : Me Gamersuperbash was banned please read and unban me for these reasons

7th January 2015, 00:55
I gamer superbash was banned for theft and I have never stolen anything on this server and there is also no proff that I did

I think I know why you might think I was banned I did move the ingots to the town outpost 7 because I was builing the blacksmith so they should be near the anvil

I was told not to but that was after I plased them there and it was realy late so I needed to go to sleep so i promis you i didnt steal on the server so pleade unban me

7th January 2015, 02:11
You're right, it was the anvil and the ingots that got you banned. You took and used them without permission from your town mayor or assistants, which is basically stealing from your town. Just because it was late and no one was around didn't mean you could ignore the rules of your town (or the server's). You said the mayor said you couldn't move them, why didn't you listen? If that's the way you think/work than I don't think many people want you around.

8th January 2015, 10:04
yeah you did that and can you give him another chance he is a good guy but he didnt know that.
im the town assistant so i will forgive him this time so can you please unban him and me and the mayor said we want explanation first but you banned him before that

8th January 2015, 11:04
We got our explanation in his first post, which is much better than the usual 'I was banned so unban me please'. Plus I don't see it as a good idea to have a griefer/thief remain on the server until some players can get an explanation from them. That aside, I've been hoping that he would reply to what I had to say, but unfortunately that hasn't happened. I can wait, though.

14th January 2015, 03:19
I couldent reply because I only just now found out my thread was replied to because my gmail is always late so I take full blame for that

14th January 2015, 03:26
I have done wrong on servers in the past and I feel that it has always afected me in the long run and I finaly found a server where people acsept me for who I am and I knew that this might be a chance to undo the done

As I stated I didnt get the information not to intell after I tranferd the items to the new location witch I thought was a good plase sence it was a black smith I now realize that I shouldnt realy on my thoughts but on my towns falts

I havnt exsplained that much but if you need more info tell me what on and I will get back to you on that as soon as I can

I hope you can forgive my wrong and give me a chance

Hoping with all my might Gamersuperbash

14th January 2015, 07:03
Haha, not a problem mate. Just happy that you replied. :p

I think I can give you a second chance, although you will still be on our warning list (meaning that you will be banned again if you proceed to break the rules; No warnings or chances). You seem like a good bloke overall, so I doubt I'll see you on our banned list again. :)

Have fun, mate.