View Full Version : I was banned for implied swearing.

7th January 2015, 22:06
In the morning around 8:00 AM EST. I accidently slipped and typed "shit" but I said sorry. im used to garrys mod where everyone does that. around 4:00 PM EST I said crap. Then was banned by jiro. Is crap classified as a swear? If so im sorry and it wont happen again. I've been playing on your TFC server since September.

7th January 2015, 22:11
You were not banned for saying shit, I didn't even realize you did that. Thanks for letting me know. You were banned because you said "ill bash ye fookin 'ead in i swer on me mum". You were also warned for swearing on the previous server.

8th January 2015, 13:51
I guess ill never be un-banned. time to find another TFC server. I doubt that any of them will be as good as this one. I even helped build the roads for this server. D: ok.

8th January 2015, 14:39
It's really too bad people don't read these threads before going onto a server. It would probably save a lot of them getting banned for doing stupid things.

13th January 2015, 18:23
Welp I was honest. And that gets you somwhere in life.