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8th February 2015, 11:38
I have wanted to make a small localy hosted server for a while now, as i have clocked ages on a single player map and i want to get my friends to come on and play with me so i can record and play with them, however.
When i go to load the server it comes up with :
Error: Could not find or load main class HappyDiggers_amp.jar

Please let me resolve this issue, rgds IVIazor;)

8th February 2015, 19:57
We need a little bit more info about the steps you took to try and start the server.

For example where did you download it from, how are you trying to start it, which java versions do you have installed.

I just tried downloading the server for AMP from the FTB launcher, unzipped the download and started it with ServerStart.bat

On my system I had to add the path for java 7 in front of the java command, otherwise it would use java 8 which does not work with 1.6.4 modpacks.