View Full Version : Unbann request

11th February 2015, 21:57
Username: CarrotPotatoe
Bann reason: Griefing
Apology: I'm really sorry for griefing and i wont do it again. I really enjoy playing on this server and i want to play it more. Plz get me unbanned.:(

11th February 2015, 22:20
No, the ban stays.

11th February 2015, 22:24
No, the ban stays.

But plz i really wanna play this server. I learned my lession also before u banned me i told them to go pick the bricks up if they need them because i didn't have the pickaxe.

PS Sorry for my bad english :)

14th February 2015, 14:18
I received the following PM:

plz get me unbanned its the only server i enjoy playing and i'll never grief again i prromise plz plz plz :( ! and if i dont get unbanned will i ever be abel to play on this server again ?

Don't PM me with this stuff. You may appeal your ban in this section of the forum. And it has already been determined that your ban will stay. You really don't want to get on our bad side more than you already have.