View Full Version : Ban Appeal (After 5 months XD)

17th February 2015, 17:40
My name is MagikxWizard, banned for language. I insulted InsaneJ because I was mad at the server lag and constant timeouts. I have decided I want to be unbanned. Sorry, InsaneJ. Friends?

19th February 2015, 19:06
You were not banned 5 months ago. You were banned a month and a half ago. You were quite insulting and rude. You were warned for outright swearing, and then you insulted staff and the owner. Why would we suddenly decide to let you join our server again just so you could do the same thing again?

20th February 2015, 08:58
Sorry, InsaneJ. Friends?
Weren't you the guy arguing our rules on the server? If I remember correctly you said I was being a dick about it. And now you want to be friends again? I'm getting that strange tingly sensation when someone is being insincere. It's probably because I think you would never even consider apologizing if it weren't for the ban.

You should know that the server has been a better place since you were gone. Less people complaining and using bad language makes the other players enjoy the server more. I'm serious: nobody likes people being negative. Also your ban has served as a shining example of how not to behave in public. It has inspired many not to make the same mistakes and provided entertainment to all.

We have waited for this moment. And now it's here and it's deliciously yummy. I mean if a little over a month seems like 5 months, you must really miss our server that you have been complaining about so much. I don't mean to be petty about it. Well maybe I do. But sometimes I just really admire Dr. Cox. You know? Here watch this, it will make you feel better:


Please state your reasons why we should consider your ban appeal.