View Full Version : Unban request.

23rd February 2015, 23:39
Username: Zaronto

I was banned just a few moments ago, the reason being listed that I'm an alt account for an apparent griefer however I'm not. My friends and I were looking for a TFC server to play on last night and found yours. Any way you could check ip logs/etc. to confirm and unban? We are really looking forward to playing on your server.


23rd February 2015, 23:48
Who were you planning on playing with?

23rd February 2015, 23:51
Two of my friends who have yet to log on. Their names are Stormeh and Rhynot.

I had just logged in last night for a few moments to check out the spawn since it looked impressive on the dynamap, and then just hopped on a few minutes ago to head out and find a place to settle when I got whacked with the banhammer.

23rd February 2015, 23:53
The IPs don't match up, you're right. They do list up for the same area of the world though and the timing was quite close to be coincidental. I'm going to chalk this up as being in the wrong place at the wrong time rather than nefarious intent. Hope this didn't cause you too much trouble. Enjoy the server!