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6th March 2015, 20:53
After looking through some of the different texture packs (on the TFC forums), i decided that they all suck. I decided to make a combination of a few, plus some other vanilla ones to created a decent looking one. If any of you would like a new texture pack to use while playing TFC, take a look at this one.

The following texture packs were used in the making of this one (credit for each is provided in the links):
Faithful (TFC Edit) (http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/6999-32x07908faithful-tfc-textures-dev-build-1452014/)
Nyssa's Touch of Realism (http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/6252-nyssas-touch-of-realism-64x-32x-updated-2715/)
Cubcon Texturepack (http://resourcepack.net/cubcon-resource-pack/)

Additionally, please tell my in game or reply to this thread if you' like me to modify, add, or delete some textures. Suggestions are always welcome!

7th March 2015, 03:31
I use a different texture for jackolantern that makes them look like lamps, one thing i noticed, though you may want to keep them that way.

7th March 2015, 04:57
Also, check the red and blue buckets, they are 33 instead of 32.

7th March 2015, 05:06
Yeah, i couldnt figure out the issue with them, thanks.