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12th March 2015, 13:06
So pretty long time has passed from server opening. As I heard the unique user count is impressive.

What do you guys enjoy on the new server? Good new towns/buildings to see? Events? Myths?

For me the best thing is to see that people make roads and connect them to the federal network. So cool.
E.g. DocOlds' and lafuller's roads. I heard some talk already about starting a railroad network. Amazing!

Commiellama2 had found a way to exceed previous signs of his love to llamas and made an opening in the forest in the shape of a llama, near his town.

Lafuller has an amazing stargate at her place. Afaik, from that Stargate franchise.

DocOlds' lava tower (= sulfur generator) is cool and simple.

Commiellama's graveyard dedicated to Gregory's deaths (forgot the exact name) is fun. About 220 graves already.

That EnderGirl's pagan festival where you could express your love to Jiro by burning yourself was nice, unfortunately I missed it. :)

I haven't seen much actually, hope for your input :)

12th March 2015, 14:43
Commiellama's graveyard dedicated to Gregory's deaths (forgot the exact name) is fun. About 220 graves already.


I can say that Versabane has probably the coolest location picked out for a small town on the HC world. Not to mention his nice building style. And a caged bear!

13th March 2015, 08:46
I really love the wonderful palace that Tenterro has made, the three or so at his town are probably the best buildings on the server!

13th March 2015, 09:49
Versabane's Hawkrest on b78 server was amazing. And with bear too :)))
Tenterro had lot of practice making outposts so now his Sherton is the pinnacle of his talent :)
So as the FPS drop there :))) (jk actually)
Sadly I can't visit the b79 version and HC guys can't see our builds. Maybe this thread could be a help for some future server tour by staff ;)

13th March 2015, 11:20
Ah yes! (sry to be a bit off topic here) i am after i bear to put in a metal cage too, an angry one that can assist in future sacrifices >:3 im planning to make a bear pit sort of like the one at Lake Side, but more... dungeony

13th March 2015, 12:15
No day is ever complete for the average HappyDiggers admin without a round of bat-manning.


13th March 2015, 17:44

2nd April 2015, 10:08
Hmm, thread batjacking I presume.

Anyway, I have found another cool place which I found myself visiting constantly for afk and plan to make sth similar at my place.

It's a bath building, built over a hot spring. It has a style of Roman/Turkish public baths, plus a feeling of Japanese open space hot pool bath.
It has an open ceiling, and the view at night is a breathtaking one.
Dark sky framed in a roof rectangle, stars, clouds and hot steam ascending.
Idk what makes this building so attractive for returning again and again.

It's in Highrock, NW from it's spawn, a big square on the map. Author: joethemonk. I'm not sure who the author is, because RainnMannx has a sophisticated plot subletting tradition.

2nd April 2015, 13:11
Thats by joethemonk :)

18th April 2015, 12:02
Would it be possible to get some pictures on this thread? I'm on the hardcore world, so I can't visit these places in person. I'd love to see both the graveyard and the bathhouse :)

23rd April 2015, 20:33
I'll try to post pictures later. :) Don't have much time for playing right now.

23rd April 2015, 23:36

23rd April 2015, 23:43

24th April 2015, 00:23
Since Commillama joined HC who will be there to update my graveyard? :(

24th April 2015, 08:23
Thank you, Rainn, great pics!!! Just watching the bath house fills me with peace :)
The bathhouse requires one more shot: the 45-angle night sky view through the steam, sitting in the pool. Similar to picture #4, but taken from the corner of the pool. If you don't have time for it, I'll take it later. :)

Gregory, you could try to pay Commiellama in HC so he could try to arrange that with his associates :)))

24th April 2015, 09:37
Waitaminute! I have the screenshot already!