View Full Version : What is happening on TFC at the moment?!?

13th March 2015, 08:44
Log on, suddenly BOOM down to 149 hp, glitching around and something saying : ERROR TOWNY LOCKED IN SAFE MODE. same thing is happening to PersianPenName :mad:

EDIT: TheRealPoker is glitching too so its not just us! i hope this can be fixed before too long! my weekend has just started and im being deprived xD

13th March 2015, 09:39
Some people saw pink messages like "Server is running in read-only mode" yesterday, maybe there is some connection.

13th March 2015, 09:44
It's a glitch in the Matrix. Sometimes Towny data gets corrupted. In this case it was a problem with the town of wolfsheim. Players Anakarr and Careta will have to re-create their town and re-claim their plots.