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27th March 2015, 04:49
Are you joining/have already joined Hard Core but haven't settled yet/are seeking to move?

well, I have the place for you!

The Northern Trade Route
Supported By Pernix
Based around this area:
(mainly around the water edge as you see most town there)

If you choose to live around this area, and are active for at least once a week, then you will automatically become part of the Northern Trade Route.

Via the NTR towns can connect by boat and a series of ports with accommodation, a chest full of boats and emergency spawn beds. The NTR towns will also be invited to any festivities, including but not limited to:

-Harvest Festivals
-Animal vs animal arena battles
- Gladiatorial Games

Here is a map from how to get to the NTR from Hard Core spawn:
Sign up today! Contact me (XxEndergirl7xX) on the forums here or on the server!

List of NTR towns:
Sparrow Tribe - (democratic)
NewLemon - Tarsaf
Hawkrest - Versabane
Wisemans Cove - Pernix_8D
Highmark - PersianPenName
Alpokerton - Commiellama2
PumpkinCavern - Annother_Miner
Highsands - austinwii2g- (Rainmannx)
KaragZorn - CorpseDrop

27th March 2015, 08:18
Awesome :)

Please cross-post this on the TFC forum as well. You can do it in the HappyDiggers TFC thread (http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/5156-07915-) or create your own.

27th March 2015, 16:30
Hmm, interesting...

*runs off to the south west*

27th March 2015, 22:09
:P no really, its a good idea to come, if only for the trading opportunities

28th March 2015, 23:05
Lots more people are making towns around this area! i hope they continue to do so :3

29th March 2015, 10:55
I don't suppose my town name could be at the top of the list, and in bold, and in fancy colours with some gold decorating it plz? :goldingot:

30th March 2015, 04:58
ill give it a purple "I" but thats it :I - stupid laptop wont let me

on another note so many people are comin over here! O_ O i dont think ima have enough time to build ports at every singel town! let alone the roads from the ports to the towns! help me out here guys! if you dont make a road & port, (eventually) i will!

30th March 2015, 06:39
I'll get Wisemans set up for you eventually, unless you've already gone and done it. Takes at least one of the ports of your list. :P

30th March 2015, 10:09
thanks :P so that just leaves highsands, llama and the cavern

1st April 2015, 06:24
Interested, KaragZorn is nearby. Will take a while before we have a port active though.

2nd April 2015, 01:16
your in range and therefore automatically added, if i have the time tomorrow ill travel over there and make a port, im also hoping to make a few roads to connect towns that are in the mainland so if you have the time.. :P

2nd April 2015, 23:07
Docks have been built at the beach west of Kagar'Zorn. Shelter and boats are available.

3rd April 2015, 02:15
thanks corpse, now for the roads... *aw god* we will start making roads as soon as i re-tame a horse -.- and if we get up to it, railway lines

15th April 2015, 03:45
Since it looks like Ender isn't going to come back (unless she replies to her ban appeal), I'll update her first post and add towns to the list when needed (until/if she returns). However, for now towns must build their own ports and roads.

Can the towns of Equinox, Peiva, Athena, Oneiric_Lake please confirm their in the trade route. :)

EDIT: added clarification :P

15th April 2015, 08:09
Clarification here. (http://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?1786-I-have-been-banned-again-and-i-think-unfairly&p=12129#post12129)