View Full Version : I have been banned again, and i think unfairly

4th April 2015, 01:54
Jiro and all the other mods and admins, I believe that this ban is extremely unfair as we have sorted this out between ourselves already and made a deal. I know that a made a ticket but i probably should have deleted it anyway, as we had sorted it out.

I know that i have killed AM's donkey, but as far as i knew it still belonged to the town, or AM should have at least told as that he was taking it first. Now i will repeat what happened as truthfully as i can, this incident has made me extremely upset and i didnt exactly get a good sleep last night, so here goes.

I hit the donkey, am turned around and hit my horse, i hit the donkey two times (i think twice, i cant be sure) again and it died and AM killed my horse. am threatened to kill the bear and ran back to town, when i got there he had. we were both angry but we made a deal and sorted it out, i was still angry and made a ticket, but later in the day i had forgotten about it until jiro came on.

As far as i know AM hasnt reported the incident and i was the only one who did, but we were both happy with the new deal as far as i can tell, I also honestly say that i thought that AM did not own the donkey yet and he took it in a way that made it look like outright stealing, ive tried to explain as best as i can at the moment, please be merciful with this case, i am already breeding AM a new donkey. Once again i think the admin interference is unfair after we had sorted it out between ourselves.

Edit: ok, i know that you arent going to unban me, and that just completely ruins at least the rest of the next two months for sure, but i want to make something clear

lying to staff - i was answering as truthfully as a can, you were putting alot of pressure on me
threatening another player - jokingly, when AM said no i stopped
locking up another player with no means of escape - i was about to let AM out before he had to go
and destroying another player's property - as i have said many times, i thought that it wasnt AMs property yet

thats all i wanted to say. this has really upset me, i have tried my hardest to be trustful and make everyone happy, but fine.

4th April 2015, 04:09
i just hope you know that happydiggers was literally half my life, its sad i know, but ive been going though some tough things, well, cya all for the last time i guess, if any if my friends ware reading this.

4th April 2015, 11:19
Please try not to assume what we are going to do. The worst part about your appeal for me was having to read through the drama after I just woke up after a very long and tiring week. Just be patient and let Jiro sort it out.

If you do get unbanned, which I'm not saying you are, then learn from this. Don't break our rules for whatever reason as it will get you banned. From your story alone you were pretty disrespectful to another player. Don't do that. If there's a problem, report it to the staff and wait for them to resolve the issue. Don't worry about what happens in the mean time. We can restore most of the damage any player can do pretty easily. On the other hand if you happen to be the one who causes a problem, then definitely report it to staff and let them resolve the issue.

People do stupid things all the time. We aren't unsympathetic to that. Just be truthful, come forward before someone reports you, apologize sincerely and we may consider your request.

5th April 2015, 18:59
It doesn't matter if you guys sorted it out. The point is that the occurrence still happened. I would have still seen the discussion over what happened in the dynmap and still would have investigated. If someone calls someone else a foul name or swear word and both people don't report the incident or feel offended I will STILL give the original player a warning. You've seen this many times before, this case is no different.

When I suspect that I'm not being given the full story I put pressure on the player I'm questioning. It's a simpler way to determine if there's parts of the story I'm missing based on the reaction from the player in question. Not only did I get a gut feeling that I wasn't being given the full story when I first talked to you, later when I pressed on you the same iteration of the story you became distant and not as forth coming. This is one of those signs that's a red flag.

Finding hard evidence that the story was incorrect just strengthens my resolve in distributing action. In our last conversation on the server before you were banned I spent a great deal of time trying to talk to you but it seemed you wouldn't give me the time of day. You were favoring talking to others about little things in the game and would only respond when I would coax you with a veiled threat of what was to come. There was another staff member online at the time who can confirm a similar feeling.

What I still don't understand is that you told me you had knowledge of Annother_Miner's original deal with Gregory_0305. According to that deal Annother_Miner would bring Gregory_0305 a female donkey and it would be breed with the male donkey already in Gregory_0305's possession. The resulting offspring would become Annother_Miner's. The second that there was a birth of that baby donkey, it would officially be the property of Annother_Miner. The only reason Gregory_0305 would have any more to do with the deal would be to move him out of the gated area it was held in, which he did and moved it in a place that Annother_Miner could access allowing him to take his donkey at will. The deal is very clear and you exclaimed knowledge of it, please explain how the donkey was still your town's according to you.

15th April 2015, 08:09
This ban appeal is on hold until we get a reply from Skrar/Endergirl. If she's not going to reply, then her status will never change.