View Full Version : Cannot join server: timeout when logging in

18th April 2015, 02:39
Hello staff,

It looks like people are unable to join the server and it is showing four people logged on (but are probably disconnected). When I try to join it is stuck at "logging in" and then I get a timeout.

Thanks for your time.

18th April 2015, 03:13
Same happening for me

18th April 2015, 03:24
Thank you for the report. Looking into it now.

18th April 2015, 03:38
This was another timeout mine as I like to call them. Fortunately there were only 4 people on and the dynmap froze their locations for me to see where it could be. Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce the timeout to get a fix on the location. I have a VERY rough idea where it's at. This means that this will happen again when someone gets near the right position, but when it does I'll be able to pin point the area and remove it.

Server is back up and open. If it happens again please post here if I haven't already started working on it again (you'll see by dynmap).

18th April 2015, 09:58
Getting timeouts right now

18th April 2015, 11:12
Also getting time-outs as of time posted.

18th April 2015, 11:22
Looks like things have gone sideways again, it's been a bit now and I'm still timing out. If I had been thinking, I'd've marked the time when I started not being able to log back in, but it's been at least an hour.

18th April 2015, 14:21
Strangely enough, when I try to log into the server, it states 8/40 online and so does the dynmap. I can even see the people on dynmap but I assume they are not really there.

18th April 2015, 14:27
Metamorfos it was happening the same thing yerterday and I think I kinda know what is causing it: I think the server can't handle the entities that people are loading and basically it frozes but the server doesn't crashs, it is still online but it is frozen so noone can't login and get timed out..

18th April 2015, 14:34
Time out here too

18th April 2015, 15:15
Time out here too

Here as well.

18th April 2015, 16:03
Hello I was one of the 4 player logged in yesterday night when the server timed out. (gmt+4 i think)

There was me, Mortaruss , wtk33 and Jesrad. We where both not so far from each others.
I and Mortaruss stood in the largest claimed aera in the middle of the picture. Thats our place.

I tried to log in this morning and the same thing happened. I didin't close my Dynmap and looked at it. It seems that the chunk or player Jesrad is in a corrupted aera or something else is wrong obiviously.

Draw your attention to the chat log this is the last thing that happened.


18th April 2015, 18:01
Thanks Simon, the dynmap picture is exactly what I needed. Found the bad block and removed it. This area should be stable now.