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26th April 2015, 07:43
I assume this is a server migration issue, but when I logged on tonight I found myself back at spawn... in the overworld! I had my inventory from my home in HC (and the only thing I'll be sad to lose is my bronze ingots, but such is life), and I went on down to the boat to go back, but then I thought "Hey, maybe that could cause issues, you should post about it first."

So here I am, posting about it :) Should the HC folks who find themselves in the overworld go back via boat like normal, or is there some other method you would prefer?

26th April 2015, 10:55
That's one of the things we still need to sort. I'll start removing HC player's inventories on the regular world today. Their inventories on the HC world won't be removed obviously :)

26th April 2015, 12:36
Ok, awesome. So the transportation method is still the same? Boat, buttons, etc?

26th April 2015, 12:55
No. Players can travel between servers using 3 different ways.

1. Use command: /server <server name> (do /server to get a list)
2. Walk through one of the portals on the Lobby server.
3. Click one of the hologram signs.

This does not (yet) change the questions/answers in the Hardcore whitelist application :)

26th April 2015, 13:21
The HC world crashes upon joining atm. Let's hope tfc b79.18 solves this.

29th April 2015, 01:03
I have upgraded to 79.18, and I can get onto the regular and lobby servers just fine, but when I try to click on the hardcore teleport pillar thingies, nothing happens. When I go through the portal, I enter a room that says "Welcome to hardcore! Please wait for transport", and no transporting happens. I'm sure yall are aware of this, and doing the things from your side, I just figured I'd document my experiences here, so folks can see where we're at right now with the server split.

29th April 2015, 01:23
Yeah, I tried getting on last night after J updated the servers and when I got to the HC world, it crashed. It seams the problem is that outside of spawn, the world is being read as falling blocks. J has posted the problem on the TFC forums. The thoughts right now is that we may need a new map for the HC world, but that is the worst case scenario.

29th April 2015, 01:35
Honestly, I would not cry if that was the case, so long as it meant I could play. Half the fun is running around and gathering resources, anyway :)

29th April 2015, 10:01
I only had 2k blocks left to finish my railroad and it's already 10k or more blocks long with pumpkins every 11th block. I'd really love to keep playing on the hc world.

29th April 2015, 11:33
Only way to save the HC world is for the TFC devs to fix the bug in their code. From what Bunsan pointed out it seems like an error in their logic. Meaning they should update their blocks a little different to prevent an infinite loop which causes a crash.

For those interested, this is my problem report on the TFC forum of the issue we're having: http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/8226-server-exception-ticking-world/

29th April 2015, 15:02
Honestly, I would not cry if that was the case, so long as it meant I could play. Half the fun is running around and gathering resources, anyway :)

I'm with you on that