View Full Version : I Broke HC.

30th May 2015, 18:53
I crashed HC. I cut down a Sequoia whose leaves bugged out. I am sorry. Please don't beat me >.<

30th May 2015, 19:31
Remove the leaves before cutting one down.

30th May 2015, 20:31
Don't worry about it. You did the right thing reporting the issue :)
Please keep RX's advice in mind to prevent this from happening again in the future.

It seems the crash had corrupted one of the server's config files. This prevented the server from being restarted automatically. I've generated a new config file and now the server is up again.

30th May 2015, 20:46
I live in a sequoia forest, and usually if I use a stone axe first, it doesn't cause a problem.
Literally if you see me on, assume I am cutting down trees this way. Once every few weeks one bugs out. there is somehting with the leaves. They don't break with the stone axe, and persist in the air for days after the tree is removed. The leaves are waaaay out from the trunk. I cant get them from the trunk with a scythe even if I had crawled up there.
Those, and only those seem to be the ones that cause a crash. :/

30th May 2015, 21:50
Would suggest not using stone ax then, just use a scythe.