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2nd June 2015, 13:02
Hi guys, I was recently browsing a youtube for some tutorials, which I wanted to save and link to guys asking for help in the game, since I kind of don't have the patience to answer the same question multiple times. However the tutorials I found were not what I expected. They were unclear, outdated or it was a strange mix between let's play and tutorial. I wanted something short and clear and so I kind of decided to give it a try and create my own video.

The result? Well, I obviously can't compete with the recording and editing quality, since I never done this before and I seriously lack the software and hardware, but I tried to make it short and clear so you can watch it once, maybe pause it in few parts, and after a few minutes, you know what you want.

Did I achieved what I wanted? Well, I guess that's for you to decide.

So, here you go a Little Bloomery Tutorial. Sure, bloomery is not hard to understand and 99% of you know how to use it, but hey, there is always someone new, who don't have your experience :)

Bloomery tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0DmITs9e6g)

2nd June 2015, 13:25
:diamond: Nice tutorial! I like how the info is structured and in general it is short and informative! :diamond:

Minor criticism:

:rawpork: The audio quality is too poor. Hard to understand the speech.
:rawpork: Personally I would prefer to see the tutorial made in survival mode, not creative. E.g. to see how you make comfortable supports from e.g. wood, not just instant-break the same smooth stone. And how you add layers without flying. But most likely for new people it doesnt matter, and I am interested in seeing how you make supports because I already know how to make bloomery :)
:rawpork: Flint and steel before you have your first iron? Doesn't feel natural :-P

2nd June 2015, 13:36
I am well aware of the audio quality. Sadly, my headset is currently 300 km away, and I recorded the audio with integrated mic in my notebook. As I said, this was mainly an experiment on my part, to see if I can create something. If I decide to continue I'll pay at least a little more attention to the quality.

And about the creative mode. Well, the purpose of this tutorial was to create something short, without any unnecessary stuff. And since surival is not a best thing to do that I did it creative. But we'll see in the future. And with the supports, are you by any chance, speaking about support beams?

2nd June 2015, 13:49
Showing how to build something can be done in creative mode. Personally I don't care either way. If I watch a tutorial I want to know how something is done. But some people, for whatever reason, seem to prefer if you build in survival. So here's a trick to fool all of them: get all the stuff ready in creative mode, then switch to survival. They can't tell the difference and it saves you a lot of those comments.

For a first video this is pretty good. So you should definitely keep it up if you enjoy doing so :)

I've embedded your video on the forum so people don't have to click the link to visit YouTube. Feel free to post (and embed) your videos on these forums in the future. We especially enjoy videos people record on our server.

2nd June 2015, 13:54
Not necessarily support beams (but you could use them if you prefer). Just any additional temporary support required to build the bloomery.

I mean that it is impossible to create the initial minimal bloomery core without placing few additional blocks, the ones you break in the video.
And (especially before iron) it takes an annoying amount of time to break smooth stone with a pickaxe. So personally I would use some wooden planks for these supports. For believability, etc.

I totally agree that creative mode makes shorter video. As I said - it's a minor "thing", just my personal preference.

Update: to highlight that my :rawpork: comments are minor, I replaced :goldingot: with :diamond: in the general impression line :)))