View Full Version : invalid session help

5th June 2015, 17:34
HELP! whenever I join the tfc happydiggers server it says invalid session. and I already tried restarting. so I need HELP! :(

5th June 2015, 21:34
Just to cover the bases, be sure to close out of your client and not have any other instances of Minecraft running. Try starting it back up again.

If the error continues to occur close out of it again and pull up your task manager (press CTRL+ALT+DEL) and make sure that Minecraft or the java on your system isn't still running. If it is, right click the program in the list and select "End Task". Start up the client.

If it still doesn't work try starting up your Minecraft client again and change your profile in the Minecraft menu. After making the change, change it back to your original profile or re-enter your credentials and try playing again.