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17th June 2015, 14:23
TFC and Cauldron causes players to get the Vanilla Minecraft damage dealt to them due to environmental damage. I've installed a plugin on the HappyDiggers TFC Hardcore server that may help with that. The following damage types have been set:


Each damage type now deals 60x what you'd get in regular vanilla Minecraft. Reasoning is that TFC gives players about 50x more health, so I've increased damage by 60x to make it a harder than Vanilla. It is the Hardcore server after all and you guys have had it way too easy thus far ;) I've done some quick testing and things seem to be working. The environment will kill players very quickly now if you don't have proper protection making it quite a bit harder.

This thread serves two purposes. First it's to give everybody a heads up to the new situation. And I'd like to ask the people that play on the HappyDiggers TFC Hardcore server to give some feedback on how things are now. If this works as intended we may also enable this plugin on the regular TFC server.

Note that this is for the TFC Hardcore server only right now.
Please reply with the following:

What do you think of the amount of environmental damage? (OK / too much / not enough ?)
Should we enable the inventory weight system so people can't swim if they have too many items in their inventory?
Should players loose their inventory after dying?

20th June 2015, 21:18
I've been okay with the damage I've received so far, not quite sure how it compared to regular TFC but gravity has claimed a few lives already and others have nearly fallen to fire damage from burning zombies.

I would rather keep weight/swimming as it is, apart from it being plain annoying I think the barrel-carrying encumbrance is enough and we use boats for trading.

By "losing inventory" do you mean it dropping on the ground like normal? I'm happy with that, I don't expect to respawn with all the stuff from my corpse back in bed, having to go back to retrieve it seeming fitting for TFC / hardcore.

I will assume we are now in Soviet Russia, because Endermen now teleport us! Was that intentional?

Also, lava and falling damage do not affect mobs, is there a way we can make this happen?

21st June 2015, 12:29
It's a bit of a hassle trying to get environmental damage to work without any additional side effects. I've tried to disable the vanilla mobs from spawning. So far I haven't seen any more of them. The vanilla items that were sometimes dropped by vanilla mobs should now be banned. This means that players shouldn't be able to pick up and/or use those items. If people have picked up those items they will be removed from their inventories upon selecting them. I've listed a bunch of vanilla items like tools, weapons, armor, ingots, bows. Let me know if I missed any items that need to be banned. Unfortunately we can't get the items to be removed as soon as they are dropped so if we haven't gotten rid of all the vanilla mobs, you may encounter a vanilla item here and there that you can't pick up. We'll keep at it and hopefully make them disappear altogether.

The Endermen should no longer teleport players.

Lose inventory means: it's all gone. But I think I'll leave it the way it is for now. Same with all the other things. Let's just stick with close to TFC for now :)

22nd June 2015, 02:24
Zombie Head 397:2
Vanilla Arrow? 262

22nd June 2015, 05:54
Does this mean that zombies will start taking larger amounts of fire damage during the day? I would go and check myself, but until we get the shiny-new-internet installed, I can't actually log in :/

22nd June 2015, 17:20
at the moment the undead still take minimal damage from fire / lava / falling damage

Does this mean that zombies will start taking larger amounts of fire damage during the day? I would go and check myself, but until we get the shiny-new-internet installed, I can't actually log in :/