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20th June 2015, 06:57
I'm sorry for:
Killing all those cows.
Blaming my cousin.
Constantly spamming "I need food".
Building my homes really close to towns.
Posting random things in my ban appeal.
Making multiple ban appeals.
Posting in the countrybuilder ban request forum.
And that's about it.

20th June 2015, 09:47
That horse has bolted, mate.

20th June 2015, 09:54
I like the train analogy too :)







20th June 2015, 17:41
I can't understand australian slang, Pernix

20th June 2015, 18:14
Haha, alright. It means you've lost any chance you had to redeem yourself.

EDIT: I didn't think it was Australian (or very hard to understand). Oh well.

21st June 2015, 00:42
The train ain't late, I still have a chance to redeem myself, Pernix. For every horse that has bolted, I get two more horses to try again.

21st June 2015, 02:58
I'm glad that you think so, but unfortunately J and I don't. You had your chance in your previous ban appeal, but you wasted that by carrying on like a complete tosser.

21st June 2015, 20:52
The train ain't late, I still have a chance to redeem myself, Pernix. For every horse that has bolted, I get two more horses to try again.

J and Pernix are riding the other two horses. You really are late. ;)

22nd June 2015, 04:15
Look, Im not gonna stop trying until I do get unbanned.

22nd June 2015, 04:33
Thing is that they are saying you will NOT be unbanned.

22nd June 2015, 05:40
You can keep apologizing but it's not going to do any good. Your ban appeal has already been decided. You reap the consequences of your actions. Now you must deal with them.

Here's an example if you still don't understand.

You're at your local store, we'll call it Shop Mart. You want something so badly but you don't feel like buying it. So you take the item and get caught. When you try to explain why you were stealing and you lie about the reason or blame someone else. The Shop Mart had surveillance cameras that disproved your story. Well the police are called and the store presses charges against you. Suddenly you start apologizing profusely, but you see, the damage is already done and you're going to be arrested and charged with shoplifting. There's nothing you can do but accept the consequences of your actions.

Maybe the example story was a bit much, but you seem to be having trouble understanding what is going on here. I honestly hope you've learned from your actions and I appreciate your apologies, but you will never be unbanned from our community.

22nd June 2015, 13:04

23rd June 2015, 13:42
Well, I think we can call this one done. Again. Hopefully.

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