View Full Version : Wrong pseudo, wrong man :D

26th June 2015, 18:20
I just wanted to play Terrafirmacraft today, so I decided to pick out a nice server, HappyDiggers looks cool so ....
When I tried to connect on the server, I saw this : 2215

Then I paste the URL on Firefox : http://mcbans.com/ban/5462857

I saw that the guy who was banned was : stephenblong
But actually I'm not stephenblong, but Typhonono ...

That's why I created a new thread, Can I please get unbanned ? Because I think you've banned a wrong pseudo :p

P.S: Sorry if I'm not grammatically correct, I'm french ^^' Thank you :D

27th June 2015, 21:19
I attempted to unban your username and received an error since you haven't been banned, which is what I expected :P

I've since then unbanned the username "Stephenblong" since it has been causing issues recently with incorrect username banning. You should be able to join again, if not please let me know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.