View Full Version : Ban Appeal: Minerbuildboy900

4th July 2015, 06:47
In game username: Minerbuildboy900
Reason for banned: Grief
Story time:
Ok so, I was walking along with a friend of mine, TheMegaDim. We were walking by, and it was night. Now not sure if you've noticed, but night time can be dangerous. We saw a house, with an open door. We went inside, and I read the rules, but we took nothing, we broke nothing, and we didn't kill nothin'. So we soon got bored of sitting still and went along to the top of a cow pen that fellow had. Now now, fences are sometimes hard to walk on when you don't pay attention. So I fell in between fences, and TheMegaDim could tell ya. I didn't punch no cow, and if I did, it was a straight up accident. And now, for falling in the cow pen, I was teleported into jail. Not told how long my sentence is, I don't believe. Thus, I am making this ban appeal. If falling in cow pens is illegal, please update the rules, and I would appreciate a good ol' pardon from anyone with the authority. And an update to the rule list. Please, and thank you.
Also, a word of advice. Stay away from the cow pens. Again, also. If there was a format to follow, I didn't see one. And yes siree, I looked.

P.S. Good thing I was teleported out of that cow pen!

4th July 2015, 07:44
Sorted, no harm no foul.

For those curious, miner fell into a cow pen and got picked up by WatchDog. No grief occurred and the player contacted me via teamspeak to resolve the situation.