View Full Version : I have some problem with login

4th July 2015, 14:58
How to fix this error?
Failed to connect to the server
Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game)

4th July 2015, 15:21
Try restarting your game

7th October 2015, 04:56
Hi, im posting in this thread because i cant create a thread due to error that says that the security token is missing...Anyway...Im unable to log in to TFC server i get time out or java excemptions, the Dynamic map would not load its blank, or would not load right completely sometimes. The happy diggers website also take time to load. When i'm able to log into tfc server its either im buried in the blocks, or falling down, or just standing there.I reinstalled everything needed for minecraft. It seems that minecraft is not an issue nor the Java is.. the reason is the Dynmap would not load, so my thinking is that i must be unable to connect to the Happydiger host? i dont know. I never had this issue before. What can i do to fix that? Is my Internet connection not reaching the Happydiger net?I can open other networks just fine.

7th October 2015, 08:33
Can it be that your internet connection is low or damaged? I had very similar problems when my internet speed was 5 mbit instead of 50.
You can check the speed on http://www.speedtest.net/ site.

7th October 2015, 17:26
Had dynamic map open,


and this one without Dynmap


Seems almost the same.

I also share my internet with the neighbors, as a result they got bunch of devices hooked onto our wifi..

Oh and our router is not connected by cord/cable, we use usb wifi. Which maybe also the issue. Hmm:confused:

30th October 2015, 16:25
When i try to log onto the server it pops up with
Kicked whilst connecting to tfc: Mod rejections [FMLMod:terrafirmacraft{0.79.25}]
i don't know if that means i'm on an auto kick list or something would like to find out.

30th October 2015, 17:34
Do you Have the correct version of tfc installed?
Need .25.