View Full Version : Server going readonly - how to know it is back in normal?

7th July 2015, 08:20
The Regular server has just said "Server going readonly ...". I guess it means that playing is useless for a while.
How to find out that server is back in normal mode?

And - is it necessary to make sure everyone understands that they should stop playing?

7th July 2015, 08:46
That is not what it means at all.

Server going read only means that a backup is being made. During that time the server doesn't save to disk to make sure the backup is in a consistent state. After it's done copying files the server goes read/write again and flushes any changes to disk.

So please keep on playing and don't spread rumors that it's useless to play. It's a normal function the server performs daily.

7th July 2015, 08:50
Oh, nice, thanks! The message is a bit misleading :)