View Full Version : God pantheon selection.

7th July 2015, 11:33
Who from the server's staff you would select as a god of ores? Like for making altatrs in mines and praying for bigger ore veins and easier distribution and less caveins. And why him/her?
Of course InsaneJ created the world, but it is too common, he is like god of everything.

What other clear preferences?

E.g. Jiro in my perception is a god of lightning and justice, Like Thor or Indra or Perun.

7th July 2015, 13:34
InsaneJ - God of Gods (creater of worlds)
Jiro - God of Hell (punisher of evil)
Marius - God of War (always kills dragon before we have the chance...)

I can't think of any other outstanding traits from the HD community that would fit the pantheon.

7th July 2015, 13:38
Thanks! I had more optimistic view over Jiro's functions, but now I see. That BOFH for example. Nice!

Edit: omg! now it perfectly fits and gives a great idea for a build! He had a different skin earlier! So there are like two instances of him! Sweeeet!

7th July 2015, 18:55
I would like to add to this discussion the following statement:

"Praise Jiro"