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8th July 2015, 10:13
I was told that i could borrow a saw from the player TheRealPoker's house up north near where i lived so with his permission i took the saw, while i admit he did state that i was not to move the saw away from the house, seeing as i lived close by i thought it wouldn't be a problem if i just went back to my house and used it there until i was done. later on i died with the saw in my inventory and when i went back to pick my stuff up it had disappeared. i did not intend on stealing anything nor did i mean to die with it on me. I offered to replace the steel saw with a few copper ones until the time that i am able to craft steel in which i will fully replace it but i received no answer. accidents happen i don't see why i should be banned for this simple mistake.

Thank you

PS. i apologies about submitting it twice, i didnt think the first post went through

8th July 2015, 10:40
You were banned for breaking and stealing Jacko' Lanterns, as shown by the below images. Can you explain why?



What you said you did was also pretty stupid. Don't take the saw out of the house you found it in? Nah mate she'll be right. Good on you for attempting to replace it, but still.

8th July 2015, 16:38
i didnt take it, he said i could borrow the saw so i had his permission to use it, my intent was to put the saw back i did not mean to die and loose it. as for the jack'o lanterns i was not aware that someone actually lived there, to me it looks like a temp shelter for anyone to use at night that was passing through that way, had i of known that they belonged to someone then of course i would not of taken them. i apologise for my actions but i did not do them intending to do someone harm.

8th July 2015, 23:44
If you did not put them there, then some one else did, so its their stuff. There are many people who play at different times, what looks like an abandoned place could be a thriving place during a time you are not on. Basically, if you did not build it, and its not natural, do not touch it. Keep this in mind.

A question.
What did you tell TheRealPoker happened?

9th July 2015, 10:03
i'll make sure i keep that in mind im sorry for my actions i can assure you it wont happen again.

well i previously thought i was banned due to the whole saw incident and yes i know i may have lied and said i put it back but i was trying to buy myself some time so i could replace it without it having to be reported. i still intend on replacing the item but as it is steel and i currently can only do copper it will take abit of time so i was going to replace it with 3 copper ones for now until i get a steel one.

9th July 2015, 11:34
Mate, around here (and nearly everywhere else), the best thing to do is tell the truth. If people find out you're lying (which they will), they'll just lose trust in you. Not exactly the best thing to do when you're trying to get back into a fairly tight knit community like ours. :)

I'll unban you on the premise that you'll have a good read through our rules and follow them accordingly, and of course, make up for losing Poker's (by asking him etc). Sounds like a fair deal, yes? Keep in mind that you'll only be lowered to the warning level, meaning that if you break another rule again, you'll be once again banned.

9th July 2015, 17:23
sounds like a fair deal thank you :) yeah i gathered that now i'll be good from now on lol dont worry it wont happen again and yes i'll make sure i read the rules again just to make sure im clear on what they are and of course i will speak to poker about the saw situation,

9th July 2015, 18:58
oh im still banned :S

10th July 2015, 00:19
Patience, I'll post when it's done if I get to it before another. Otherwise if you want keep checking.

10th July 2015, 01:48