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8th July 2015, 21:53
I log in to find this;

Kicked whilst connecting to tfchc: Reason: theft / griefing
Ban from: rainnmannx
Ban Type: local

I am unsure of why I was banned, would someone be able to tell me why I was banned, thank you.

8th July 2015, 22:05
Probably because of this: http://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?1384-Warned-players-and-banlist&p=13005&viewfull=1#post13005
Bottom pic of post. You took (knowingly or not) 2 jack o lanterns someone else broke if I interpret this right. Hope this helps.

8th July 2015, 23:49
So tell me what happened please.

9th July 2015, 00:10
Thank you for linking me that as I was unaware that existed.

So I have been banned for picking 2 jack o lanterns up with out knowing O.o seems fair...

I do not know the parameters of which Prism can be use, I ask can you see when I dropped them? I ask this because roughly 20-30 seconds later I was next to a pond near that position and I dropped them. My character was thirsty so I went to a pond and went to my inventory to make a space free so I could drink, I noticed the jack o lanterns and dropped them because I didn't know where I got them from and didn't need them.

To be banned for something like this is quite unsettling.

9th July 2015, 01:58
How am I suppose to know whether it was intentional or not? You picked up items from a griefed house. The time stamp says it was at the same time harrison008 was there. Where you traveling together?

9th July 2015, 16:45
He was travelling with me yes but i threw them on the ground behind me to which he picked them up, i can also confirm that he got rid of them shortly after because i told him where they came from and he got rid of them as soon as he realized. unfortunately he was caught in the cross fire so to speak in all of this it was mainly my fault that he picked them up.

10th July 2015, 00:16
Ok, the ban will be lifted, if not done by another I should be able to do it in a few hours.

10th July 2015, 01:48