View Full Version : Please unban me

10th July 2015, 08:49
I did break the glowstone because I thought I was far enough from spawn. For like the grass and logs didn't know that that was griefing. I thought it was just open land it didn't look like it was someone's property But I promise I never took those fences and I had like a power rail in my inventory but I swear I never took that stuff but the rest was not on purpose. Please give me one more chance I will never take anything again and if I do ill leave for good. I am actually not that kind of person to grief Ive never played TFC and I really wanted to play it I wont make another mistake If you want you can watch me for as long as you want I just want to play TFC.


10th July 2015, 08:57
You were banned because you are a griefer. You've made 3 thread already, all of which were closed. Your ban appeal has been denied. We have better things to do than spend our time dealing with players such as yourself and taking the time to write replies to appeals that have already been denied.

Because you're behavior is really annoying, you've now also been banned from the forums.