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19th July 2015, 13:16
sorry to say that, but when I logged on to the TFC Regular server and came to my blacksmith's at Karnburg, I noticed that somebody was messing with my forge and also that several ingots were missing (it was today morning about 11 a.m. CET).
Prism pointed to a new member of my town called I__Illuminati. I know that my ingots were not locked by Lockette, but since all members were told to ask the owner first before taking an item (this is also a written town rule), I thought there wouldn't be problem with this.
I sent him an e-mail asking him to give all stuff back, but then I kicked him from the town for preventing further thefts and problems (I figured this would be better). Then I checked several other buildings and stuff around the town and spotted several thefts and troubles. He was messing up with my animals, also with stuff in my cellar and searched for things in two members' houses.

I'm posting this thread because I wanted the case to be explained completely, that's why I haven't opened a ticket in-game. Attached the rest of the screenshots I made. Guess I have to lock all my items properly when this is solved :o Also note that I'm okay with allowing him to pick his stuff when he comes along (well, if he ever comes along, you know).

Thank you for your time, hope there will be a solution for this :)

19th July 2015, 23:48
Thank you for reporting this. I've banned the player for theft. Apparently he also paid another player with the ingots taken to make himself armor.

I performed a rollback on your forge area but it might not have reimbursed everything. If there are items missing just make a list and I'll take care of it soon ;)

20th July 2015, 14:18
Okay, thanks for performing the rollback and solving the case. :)
The forge is now working properly and I also found few "stolen" ingots in the anvil.
When I broke my anvil in order to move it, it dropped several ingots (3x steel and 2x rose gold - these were taken by I__Illuminati before). It also dropped two steel hammers, so I discarded one of them because I had only one. This was probably caused by the rollback you performed ;)
All in all, everything seems to be alright, except from some ingots. I still miss 22 black bronze ingots, 3 nickel ingots, and few various ingots like gold, copper, brass and bismuth bronze (I don't insist on returning all of these, because the stolen amount was not that enormous...).

That's probably all,
Elbe :)

20th July 2015, 21:54
Alrighty, should be taken care of.

22nd July 2015, 00:49
Alrighty, should be taken care of.
Read it please :)

And to Elbe, very sorry, read the appeal as well.

22nd July 2015, 14:45
Alrighty, should be taken care of.
Thanks, got the ingots. Everything is alright now.

And to Elbe, very sorry, read the appeal as well.
I've read the appeal and I accept your apologize.
You can send me an in-game e-mail if you want to pick your stuff you left at the town. We'll figure something out.