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3rd August 2015, 17:19
I received the followig PM. Please investigate.

as I don't really know who I should write to I decided to write to you :D. On the TFC server someone stole my items. I guess its the simplest way to give you some screenshot where my stuff was before, so here are 2 photos:

Under the top chest was another chest where I marked it. It was the chest with all my resources it had loads of bitsmuth (I mined a lagre deposit of rich bismuthinite) and also some copper coal and other bits of metal, I cant exactly remember everything. Where the X is marked was a quern, I put a piece of wood there, I made a new one but maybe it helps you identify the griefer. Now picture 2:

On the shelf, where I marked were my ingots. I can't say for sure if there were any, but I think so, so I guess you can check there as well. My other chest seem to have been untouched, everything seems to be there still. One last thig: Yesterday a friend of mine wanted to try out the server, only for this reason I created a town there, previously nobody could come to the spawn there, so the griefer must have walked from the next town which is quite far away. But what I wanted to say is that he opened my chests on my allowing, so he didnt grief in case you find his name anywhere. His name is "ThErEaLfAbI". alright, thats it, I hope you can do something about it ;)

3rd August 2015, 21:03
I'll check it out sometime tonight

5th August 2015, 04:17
Put back what I could tell was taken minus the misc ores and planks.
Gave you a saw and ax for the plank replacement.
Thanks, if I missed something specific let me know :)

6th August 2015, 18:05
ok thank you very much, I just looked over it, everything of worth is back, thank you :)