View Full Version : TFC Regular server down?

4th August 2015, 16:13
The TFC regular server seems to be unavailable as of now. When I tried to log on, I was booted to the lobby. At least one other player also tried and failed to log on to the server, and even the dynmap is unavailable, so I don't think this is just me.

I apologize if the cause is something I should have known about before posting (like scheduled maintenance or something).

4th August 2015, 16:37
+1 Seems to be down after scheduled restart.

4th August 2015, 18:10
It looks like a problem with Java. Perhaps Sverf updated something? I'll leave this here for him to look at:

* Home for VM 'oracle-jdk-bin-1.7' does not exist: /usr/lib/jvm//oracle-jdk-bin-1.7
* Invalid User VM: oracle-jdk-bin-1.7

4th August 2015, 22:00
Ah yes, tfc02 server used java 7 still forcibly which was recently removed. I've switched it to the system default of java 8 and it should be back up!

4th August 2015, 22:17
Thanks :)