View Full Version : Burdigala, In the TFC server, has been griefed (I need help)

28th August 2015, 11:19
I was Griefed!

I was griefed in a very harsh way, a mix a many griefing techniques like floor breaking, stealing, random block breaking. All my resources were also taken. To see more clearly the looks of town after the grief, check this.

I don't know fi that is in the server policies, but i provide here a list of the stuff idk like refunded: (I've heard that you can go back in time a bit in the server, so you should be able to just recover it all)

According to the Prism Plugin the griefers were:

28th August 2015, 12:55
The area has been processed and restored more or less with the help of TheKiller2015. Valkolo and StephaneBerne were banned.