View Full Version : Mod Rejections?!

20th September 2015, 00:40
Everytime I try to join the server, I get this EXACT error message. "Mod rejections [FMLMod:terrafirmacraft{0.79.24}]

20th September 2015, 04:38
I have been checking this thread about every 5 minutes, I love Happy Diggers will someone please respond?!

20th September 2015, 05:55
I guess you probably need to update to the latest version of TFC? The server version was updated recently, and it will kick you if your version doesn't match.

20th September 2015, 06:45
Did you update TFC?

20th September 2015, 09:13
Thee days ago I posted on our front page that the TFC servers have been updated to and where you can download this version. Hope that helps. Good luck :)