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20th September 2015, 15:45
There's a productive bunch of people on the server. Post whatever you're sharing here :)

Most important of all: Mupje's food network. She makes yummy food stuffs for everyone to enjoy. Ender chest using: blue / gray / blue

Freshly squeezed liquid XP using an Ender Tank network: cyan / gray / cyan

9th October 2015, 19:24
Yes, I hope you guys will enjoy the food I enjoy making ;) Please have whatever you like, when it runs out I'll just make more :) Right now the food chest is getting full (correction: it IS full!), but I can't eat it all myself.

We have, for instance, some yummy Chocolate Sprinkles Cake, delicious yoghurts of different flavours, juicy baked ham (prepared with the finest apples picked by our very own Wooden Golem!), incredibly filling Avocado Burritos and more!

Don't be shy, pick whatever looks tasty! ;)

9th October 2015, 22:15
Thank you! I diid tasted some before and now could not stand such a tasty description and grabbed some more. Please accept payment in the chest (those diamonds). I know you guys have everything, but still :)

12th October 2015, 17:28
I made an ender pouch for Food NEtwork instead of carrying food on me, that's why I put some things back :)
Will fill it if it will deplenish :)