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14th October 2015, 22:01
Even with the pump liquids sometimes act funky, not sure if it's affecting the server or not, ethes quarry has a bunch of flowing lava in it where the pump didn't get it (it's like there's no source blocks???)
Ok to make it obsidian so the quarry will get it and continue or leave it for ethe?

15th October 2015, 09:24
It looks like he didn't use a chunkloader for his quarry. The solution should be simple. Remove the QuarryPlus, put down a dirt block at the bottom, place the QuarryPlus markers again, activate the markers, put the QuarryPlus back. It should then get rid of the lava and mine the dirt block.

As long as those chunks aren't loaded they shouldn't cause too many problems. But as soon as they load, they are likely to lag the server. I know my quarry did when I had similar things happening with the liquids inside of them :B

Ethe, would you like RX to clean up your quarry? Or are you going to do it yourself?

15th October 2015, 11:58

1. I noticed that quarries do not remove sewage. Yesterday I removed a sewage fountain at J's last quarry (while scavenging), seems a pair of source blocks on y ~ 20 caused it. Since this is the first time I saw sewage in quarries - not a big problem potentially.

2. Do sea quarries cause significant lag?

15th October 2015, 18:14
The not collecting fluids has happened even in mine with chunks loaded, when it happens there are no source blocks (tried using empty buckets to scoop them up and nothing happens) but there's still flowing water or lava, the quarry tries to get the flowing liquid and never does, just keeps going over the area with liquid. For water I place dirt or cobble down or use magic boots to make ice. Then the quarry collects those and moves on, Lava I use water to make obsidian. It may be something in my side??

18th October 2015, 21:36
Sorry for the late reply, Im extremely busy with school.

I'd be grateful if someone could clean up my quarry :)

19th October 2015, 04:33
The quarry and a half I had around my island didn't seem to cause any lag. That might be because they are fairly small though.