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26th October 2015, 07:10
How to make sure that my planned nether quarry does not cover some other player's portal or builds?
I will fly around ofc, but some portals are inside the solid mass of netherack, e.g. like RX's portal (which I use also).

I could visit all your guys' portals and map them, but what about other machinery?
Ok, lava pumps are usually in the open, no problem. Anything else?

Any suggestions how to avoid the mapping (I am lazy :) )?

26th October 2015, 08:09
Take a look at Dynmap. Go to an area that's not yet explored.

26th October 2015, 08:29
Oh, right, I completely forgot about the black area on DynMap! Awesome, simple and adventurous, thanks!

26th October 2015, 16:16
Do the quarries work with the tink ores?
Mainly cobalt and ardite, since they need a special pick.
My testing shows turtles destroy the ore.
Humm, looks like I'll be adventuring there too! :)

26th October 2015, 17:03
They work for me, but I have enchanted my QuarryPlus with silktouch so that may have something to do with it.

26th October 2015, 17:17
I also used only SilkTouch-ed quarry in Nether (singleplayer), which works fine. I would guess it should work fine.

27th October 2015, 22:21
Ardite without silktouch quarry is good.

Note: make sure to measure correctly if at the top of the neather ;), if it forms in the top bedrock it's a mess... At least I crashed it while no one was on... :)

And hept, feel free to use the tunnel I made that goes east, any thing past my quarry is newly formed :)
Btw, there's a hole that goes up to the tunnel think it's a tad north of portal.

28th October 2015, 06:37
... silktouch ... top .. bedrock ... east ... newly ... hole

I have one extra Silk Touch book, don't need it, you can buy it for 3 diamonds if u want. It is located on a west side of my base, on a wooden platform with enchantment machines, in a chest called "Tools'". U can use my diamond pick there and machines to enchant your quarry right away, I hope my base will not loose power till that time, still haven't finished saplings feedback for tree farm.

Top bedrock caution and making quarry past yours east, got it, thanks!

Do you like the portal building in the nether? Good for start, will improve later. Too many plans, too many ...

P.S. Silk Touch Quarry is good for obtaining tons of endermice-infused netherrack, which can be good for innocent pranks :)

28th October 2015, 12:18
Yes, the building in the neather is great, I'm putting warded stone on the floor that it says cant be blown up by anything.
Cobalt also is picked up by the quarry without silk touch.

28th October 2015, 13:03
... warded stone ...

Hehehe, wiki says warded stone can be destroyed only by the player who placed it :) I see what U r doing there :)))

Anyway :), what is left is to:

1. finish few floor tiles (my cracked stone brick blocks were finished atm),

2. make doors and better doorways, probably with color coding (N - blue wool) and few empty signs near each door, for easy adding directions in future. Carpenter's doors are awesome - the double door opens as a whole when u click on one half of it.

3. make a better chamber directly below the portal in the Nether (in case the issues with internet come back and we will spawn below it etc) and leave some passage from the chamber up to the main room.
I thought - a pair of stairs, so the chamber will be like a tunnel, diving below the portal. But the main dome is probably too small for it.
So maybe something much simpler will do, like a hole in a corner, and a carpenter's trapdoor.

4. Oh, and we could have some pole for gun's portals, but I guess walls near doors will do fine.

And probably some windows to see if any mobs are in the tunnel waiting for us. And I will probably play with some of those OpenBlock's awesome tanks instead of walls, filling them with lava or water maybe.

That is my opinion about this, I hope U like the plan. Don't feel obliged to help if U don't have time or desire.

Btw, could you consider making and selling 8 nitors to me? I like those flame things, but my Thaumcraft progress is far away in todo list. I know they are pretty basic stuff, so it is not too hard for U. And I can give a very good price. :)

28th October 2015, 17:20
Walked to your quarry. A long walk I have to say :) Do you quarry by that narrow pattern intentionally? U can use cheapest BC markers for 64x64 quarries. We don't need those huge quarries of filthy rich people :)

The warded stones look awesome. And yep, I cant mine them :)

28th October 2015, 18:51
I'm going to encase the portal in all warded stone.. Muhahagabab....

LOL, used it on the floor since it looks better the obsidian, and have had creepers blow up around me when porting and destroy the floor.
The chamber with doors would help take care of that :)
And did plan to make a lower level with stairs or ladder , I have ended up below the portal a few times.

Sure, can make those nitors for ya no problem :)

29th October 2015, 01:05
The nitors for the quarry silk touch ok?

29th October 2015, 06:26
Sure, thanks, got 'em !!!