View Full Version : AMP and beesink

26th October 2015, 16:12
I have watched vids on setting it up, anyone use one and it works?
Hooked it up to chest and indexer and set it to any bees and they still go to default chest...

26th October 2015, 17:03
Tried it, couldn't get it to work so gave up.

3rd November 2015, 04:46
Looks like it works only with analysed bees...

3rd November 2015, 09:30
That's odd. Good to know though :)

3rd November 2015, 15:50
Probably made to work with the analyser pipe, since afaik that one pulls unanalysed bees, hmmm wonder if that would work with the indexer

3rd November 2015, 18:28
Keep in mind that the indexer can't be filled with bees indefinitely. I think it'll glitch out at around 5000 or so. But to be on the safe side we are limiting the amount of bees per indexer to around 2000 in Mupje's factory. They are located below the floor and connected to LP provider pipes.

DOM wrote a nice program that monitors the amount of bees in the LP network and will sound an alarm at a designated level which you can then increase after you've placed another indexer.