View Full Version : AMP: proper forum thread and Redstone Clock misbehaving

28th October 2015, 06:48
1. What is the proper place for current AMP server-related discussion? We have and use 3 places for it: VIP forum, FTB forum, huge HD AMP thread in VIP forum. This is messy.

2. Anyone knows why Extra Utilities' Redstone Clock stops working when I leave chunk or logoff? And how to make it work constantly?
I did not do proper experiments, but each time I use it (e.g. for a flashing lamp post or for auto-filling basins at smeltery) it works fine initially, but when I come back to it from some journey, it just doesn't work. Replacing it helps. It works fine in singleplayer.
I wanted to check how it works in a loaded chunk, but didn't had time yet :(
I also wonder if I could auto-revive it by updating it's block, e.g. with floating water or something.
Flashing lamps could be a nice cosmetic thing for landmarks and safety zones.

28th October 2015, 14:34
1. FTB sub forum.

2. use a chunk/spot loader?

28th October 2015, 17:22
Double thanks!
With the spot loader it works fine so far.
I would not like to load a chunk for each of these cheap lamps ... Maybe something new will come up ...

28th October 2015, 20:58
I've moved a bunch of threads to the FTB sub forum :)

29th October 2015, 06:29

Btw, the redstone clock flashing lamp with spotloader stopped working after this night. My guess: the server crashed or rebooted (maybe the scheduled reboot).

RX, when you played (your session when U made those nitors) - did server crash or was rebooted?

29th October 2015, 12:13
It did not crash when i was on.