View Full Version : Internal Server Error - Getting disconnected from server.

8th November 2015, 14:59
2015-11-08 08:46:00 [INFO] [STDERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
2015-11-08 08:46:00 [INFO] [STDERR] at net.minecraft.client.gui.RunnableTitleScreen.run(R unnableTitleScreen.java:33)
2015-11-08 08:46:00 [INFO] [STDERR] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

Screen shot I grabbed before i am disconnected.

8th November 2015, 15:29
Are you using Logistics Pipes?

I sometimes had that crash when one ore more pipes got stuffed with a ton of items and I was wearing the blue HUD glasses.

8th November 2015, 16:21
Yes using log pipes and have the glasses on.
How did you fix it?

8th November 2015, 17:59
First get teleported away from there after joining. We just did that part :)

Then take off your HUD glasses and try to check your LP system. Likely candidates are pipes that are connected to an inventory where a lot of items go through. For example a Logistics Inventory Connector Pipe that's trying to send a ton of items into an Ender Chest that's full. Or a Crafting Logistics Pipe that's trying to put several thousand copper dust into a machine to produce copper ingots.

Just break the culprits and replace them. You may loose a bunch of items in the process though. Also a server restart usually solves the problem.

9th November 2015, 04:18
Ended up being a provider pipe not sending stuff, it had a ton of request and wasn't sending anything. Thanks.