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13th November 2015, 23:35
Hello me (YoloSwagObama) and Vikusha have been experiencing frequent disconnections while at our freezer and the error message says "[proxy]". When we asked RainnMannx to check it out and he started to have the same issue. We believe our grill is causing it but it happens sometimes when the grill is off and completely empty (but not as often). We would like a staff to come and check things out.

14th November 2015, 09:08
I know this may sound absolutely mindbogglingly crazy.... but I have no idea where your freezer is :o

14th November 2015, 09:49
Since you didn't give me the information I needed to help you. I've gone ahead and tried to be pro-active in solving the issue.

I have installed a newer version of the Bungeecord proxy which is non-trivial. We were running a version that was patched so it would work with Cauldron and TFC. So far it seems to be working. If new connectivity issues pop up we'll have to revert back to the older custom version. Let me know if it makes any difference to your situation :)

16th November 2015, 02:09
oh sorry I didn't read the responses D: but thanks for being proactive :D .

16th November 2015, 08:39
Yeah... I don't think I'll be helping you ever again.

You didn't provide the information needed in your OP and you didn't answer any of my questions. I'm sorry, but helping you really sucks. I'm done.